SRRA Board

The SRRA Board of Directors is elected by bond members. Summer members do not have voting privileges and are not able to serve on the board but are encouraged to help in other volunteer positions.

Eleven directors are elected to manage the affairs of the pool so you can have a great summer experience. They serve for a term of two years with the terms of six and five directors expiring in December of alternate years. In the fall of each year, the membership holds an election for new directors to replace those whose terms will expire in December. The Board may include a slate but encourage anyone interested in serving as a member to notify us by mail or email before September 30.

Board of Directors meetings are held monthly.  The board volunteers their time to ensure the pool season is safe and enjoyable for everyone who enters the gates of the Sideburn Run Pool!

Please contact a board member if you have any comments or concerns.

2017 Board of Directors


  Nicki Miller

Marian Littleton

Nicki Miller
Vice President

Gretchen Shivik

Rob Proulx

Gretchen Shivik
Swim & Dive Board Rep

Kenneth Simonsen

Jim McHugh







Corbet Daniel


Mike Bye




Melissa Talbot



Contact the Board

We would love to hear from you!  If you have any comments, questions or concerns about your pool please fill out the form below.  Contacting us this way allows us to make sure someone on our volunteer board will efficiently respond to your questions.  Thank you!