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Pavilion Reservation 


SRRA has a covered pavilion with picnic tables and surrounding grassy knoll that is available to rent for birthday and team parties, reunions, and other special events. Grills are available for use. Piñatas and other decorations can be hung using existing hooks and nails; special requests need to be approved prior to any alterations. There are electrical outlets in the pavilion, so a radio or other entertainment device is permissible as long as the volume is within reasonable limits.

Reservations are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Generally, the pavilion is available for rental any time the pool is open to the membership. However, it is unavailable during swim and dive meets and other SRRA-sponsored events. The pavilion may be reserved for private functions in four (4) hour increments of time between the hours of noon and 8 pm. Persons using the pavilion must clean and clear it by the end of their time period so others using it next may promptly begin their event. The sponsoring member will be held accountable for improper use of the pavilion.

For more information or if you have any questions, please speak with one of the lifeguards or contact the Board of Directors.

How to Make a Reservation

The Sideburn Run Staff manages the pavilion reservations. You may call the Guard House (703-323-5698) or inquire in person as to the availability of the pavilion. Any adult SRRA member in good standing can reserve the pavilion by confirming a date with a staff member, downloading and filling out our Pavilion Rental Agreement form and paying the reservation fee. Pavilion reservations are $40 for Bond Members for each four hour period and $60 for Summer Members for each four hour period. The completed Pavilion Rental Agreement form must be turned in with the payment.

Unfortunately, weather and pool conditions may impact pavilion reservations. If the pool is closed due to inclement weather or unforeseen maintenance problems, the pavilion reservation will be cancelled and the sponsoring member notified. The reservation fee will be refunded if the event is not rescheduled. If there is thunder or lightning during the event, the pool will close and reopen according to SRRA guidelines. A refund in whole or in part is at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Guest Fees

Guest fees for Bond Members shall be $2 per guest. Guest fees for Summer Members shall be $5 per guest. SRRA members who attend the event will sign the registration log using their membership number; no fee is charged. All other guests, relatives and/or chaperones shall pay the guest fee. Those guests 5 and under shall be exempt from the guest fees. Payment of guest fees must be made at the Guard House by the conclusion of the event. Guests are permitted to stay and use the pool facilities after the pavilion has been vacated at the discretion of the sponsoring member.

Pavilion Fees  
Large Pavilion Reservations (per each 4 hour period)Bond Members$40
 Summer Members $60
Guest Fees (per guest per visit)Bond Members$2
 Summer Members$5
Small Pavilion (open side of the pool house) Reservations (per each 4 hour period)Bond Members$20
 Summer Members$30

Rules and Regulations

Please review the 2018 Operating Rules established for the benefit and protection of all members and guests of the SRRA pool and facilities. All members and guests must observe these rules and regulations and must be considerate of the rights of other members. Members are responsible for ensuring that their children and guests observe the rules and obey the instructions of the Pool Manager, the lifeguards, other pool attendants, and SRRA Board Members.

Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages

No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the pool complex, which includes the parking lot and pavilion area. This provision may be waived only by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

No Smoking Policy

SRRA is a smoke-free zone. There is no smoking within the fenced perimeter of the pool or in the parking lot area immediately in front of the Guard House. A smoking area is provided in the parking lot near the dumpster. This is the only area in which smoking is permitted on SRRA premises.

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